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PT. Cipta Mortar Utama
PT. Cipta Mortar Home was founded in 1996 and is the first national company that produces instant ready mix cement (premixed mortar) using modern technology machinery and m-tec Germany, which is operated by an integrated computer. The instant cement product known brands MORTAR MAIN (MU).
MU advantages compared to conventional mortar lies in consistency and homogeneity of the resulting product. In a short time the entire production of the sand material selection, best quality cement, filler and additive mixed perfectly produce instant high quality cement products, has excellent adhesion, as well as prevent hair cracks in the walls.
Enormous production capacity and timely delivery makes the PT. Cipta Mortar Home trusted by many leading developers and contractors in Indonesia as a partner in building projects of office buildings, apartment, residential and other facilities in Indonesia.

Since 2004 PT. Cipta Mortar Main developing marketing into the retail sector for MU products closer to consumers. At the end of 2005 PT. Cipta Mortar Utama also expanding its production plant to add capacity. Even to meet consumer demand in eastern Indonesia, in mid-2008 PT. Cipta Mortar Main operate second factory is located in Gresik Industrial Estate (KIG) - Surabaya.

Along with the development of the company, right at the age of 10, namely in 2006, MU obtain ISO 9001-2000 certificate for quality management system which is later upgraded to ISO 9001-2008 This is recognition of the quality of work which is the product quality assurance and MU make PT. Cipta Mortar Home is the only producer of instant cement is certified to date.

As a company that has always wanted to provide the best products to its customers, PT. Cipta Mortar Utama vision, mission and quality policy that has always been in the grip work.

Being a manufacturer of Instant Cement MAJOR and BEST in Indonesia with a range of reliable products and is used as a solution to build.


     * Providing information to consumers about the Indonesian construction materials right way using instant cement.
     * Provides a solution for building materials Indonesian consumers by marketing products and quality that is practical Instant Cement Mortar Utama.
     * Meet customer needs and satisfaction are always evolving to continue to create and produce a complete range of products and fulfill the requirements.

Quality Policy
We produce Instant Cement Mortar Home that not only meet, even exceed customer requirements by implementing human resource improvement and continuous quality management system as well as the best service for customer satisfaction.

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